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The hotel's elegant glass and masonry exterior enwraps the historic building with an enormous glass atrium rooftop tying the building together.
12) to a ruined tomb, an orange flower, to five blind and groping beetles; and only then, as thought enwraps the objects of his vision, can he turn back to metaphor, to a comparison of the air in the Campagna to "Rome's ghost since her decease" (l.
Though it takes up residence on the surface of things, the face cannot fuse with the matter it enwraps.
With his finely picked acoustic blues guitar and a voice that growl-purrs with all of his 60-odd sometimes hard-lived years, Smither enwraps us in a variety of touching, inspiring and sometimes downright funny folk idioms.
The chondriosomal mantle enwraps the "9+9+2" arrangement.