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For more information on the Prevention Epicenter Program and past awardees, visit: http://www.
Epicenter and its buy-pods are the creation of developer Sheldon M.
As Gordon sees it, Epicenter is "absolutely not competitive" with other retailers in the mall, he said.
For more information on Saddleback Memorial's Epicenter training program or robotic surgery program, go to memorialcare.
As an official Epicenter training site, Saddleback Memorial will host gynecologic surgeons from across the nation as they study specialized surgical techniques by observing robotic surgeries in the da Vinci Si surgical suite at Saddleback Memorial.
The Epicenter Collection is the brainchild of Sheldon Gordon, the visionary developer of renowned world-class retail and entertainment properties.
Epicenter will be exhibiting at the 2005 International Council of Shopping Centers Conference (ICSC) at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Glimcher booth #2155, Twenty-First Avenue) May 22-25 in Las Vegas.
Developed by Epicenter Studios under the advisement of real firefighters, the game delivers an authentic firefighting experience where the enemy is a living, breathing fire.
To honor the firefighting community and all that they do, Epicenter and Crave have committed to monetary donations to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN).
We are very excited to bring a non-violent action game to a space generally ruled by games that children and teens want to play but probably shouldn't," said Epicenter Studios CEO Nathaniel McClure.
For enquiries, please contact: Bryan Jury Chief Creative Officer Epicenter Studios bryan@epicenter-studios.