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Infectious aetiology including NCC and tuberculosis were common, in which NCC is the most commonly identified epileptogenic focus in children presenting with focal seizures.
Extension of this study to more subjects and into the role of epileptogenic focus in the generation of epileptic spikes and ictogenesis is currently underway.
The waveforms in the group could have especial form for the patient or for the epilepsy type or epileptogenic focus.
In one case, a combination of neuronavigation and intraoperative electrocorticography was used to tailor the extent of the epileptogenic focus along with the cavernous malformation (Table 1).
In 50% of the children, an EEG did not pinpoint the site on the brain from which the disturbed electrical impulses originated so neuroimaging was the critical determinant of the epileptogenic focus.
6,9] Further, blocking presynaptic sodium channels may block release of neurotransmitters and reduce the irritability of an epileptogenic focus.
MR imaging has emerged as the more diagnostically relevant and most valuable tool for preoperative localization of epileptogenic focus because of its excellent soft tissue contrast, allowing for detailed depiction of anatomy, freedom from beam-hardening artifact in basal brain that occur with CT and capacity for multiplanar imaging.
To utilize surgery as treatment, accurate detection of the epileptogenic focus is of utmost importance.