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In fact, evaporative-type dry eye may be perhaps the most common cause of epiphora resulting from reflex tearing.
It is often associated with severe epiphora, altered sense of taste, drooling of saliva on the paralysed side including difficulties in mastication and speech.
Acquired epiphora is a common condition caused by chronic inflammation and fibrosis of the lacrimal sac and/or nasolacrimal duct.
Patients with epiphora after dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) can be quite challenging with regard to diagnosing the cause of surgical failure and planning and execution of surgery at second attempt.
A patient presents complaining of a gritty eye and epiphora.
It may rarely affect lacrimal drainage causing dacryocystitis and symptomatic epiphora.
The presenting symptoms were nasal obstruction in 6 patients, epistaxis in 2, epiphora in 2, neck swelling in 2, and diplopia with a decrease in vision in 1.
Blepherospasm, hyperemia of conjunctiva, epiphora and discomfort of the patient resolved.
INTRODUCTION: Epiphora is the term reserved for an overflow of tears from the eye because of an obstruction, stenosis, punctal malposition or functional disorder of the lacrimal passage.
There may be many reasons for epiphora and this article describes the common types and the most effective examination and management.
Epiphora is caused by a variety of conditions that affect tear production, tear flow, and the function of the eyelids.
The therapy was continued for two weeks and by 15th day, the animals showed almost complete recovery with absence of epiphora and smoothing of corneal surface.