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The epistle allowed Du Bellay to maintain a sense of community with friends, both at "home" in Rome and "abroad," back in France, but by its very nature it was also a device for stressing exile and separation.
However, De Smet should be aware that de Sacy's soul will not rest in peace until the rest of the epistles are published.
The book contains a number of black-and-white plates illustrating various of the epigrams and epistles.
The Third Epistle is a private letter to an individual, who was a leading member of a faith community, so he takes on the role of a friend giving counsel about some special issues.
The first epistle Dear member of the RoyalAscot Racing Club, Some of you have seen fit to write to me or the Duke of Devonshire to express sentiments regarding the proposed distribution of Motivator's winnings; we find these communications disappointing.
3) The important verse epistle that Daniel addressed to Egerton in print in 1603 implies as much.
These words were spoken by Andrew Ignatieff, executive director of the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund: "Every time I speak in a parish, I am challenged by how I can work the epistle or gospel reading around to introduce the work of (PWRDF) to the priests and congregations I am visiting.
The title of the exhibition is taken, aptly, from Pope's Epistle to Burlington.
Sir, -I am currently studying St Paul's Epistle to the Romans, which encapsulates the whole gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and am doingthis with the help of Matthew Henry's Commentary.
Dedicated to the principles outlined in Epistle of Titus 1:5 - ``I left you on Crete, to set in order what remains by appointing elders in every city'' - the ministers work with those left behind to resurrect the congregation, as opposed to abandoning the church to start another one.
not to mention the truckloads of amateur bands which, as I pen this epistle, will no doubt be screeching away at unrecognizable chords after bathing in the latest brands of cosmetics.
As a member of OASIS, Modulant will contribute its deep expertise in product data exchange standards -- such as ISO 10303 - STEP, PLCS, ISO 13584 - PLIB, and ISO 15926 - EPISTLE -- to further the evolution of standards that facilitate collaborative commerce.