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The goals of our study were to investigate the frequency of TDLUs in the nipple and assess frequency of involvement of grossly unremarkable nipple by occult neoplastic epithelial proliferation.
Basically, a tympanic membrane perforation closes by a process of circumferential epithelial proliferation followed by connective tissue growth.
The primary study end point was change in Ki-67 index, a widely used measure of epithelial proliferation.
The condition appears to be a consequence of the rate of epithelial proliferation, and it has become the dose-limiting toxicity for a number of chemotherapeutic regimens.
Additionally, a separate and clinically unapparent encapsulated epithelial proliferation consistent with a monomorphic adenoma was discovered (figure 3).
It has been proposed that high levels of gonadotropins, which are frequently found in mothers of multiples, cause the ovarian stromal tissue to produce increased levels of estrogen, and, in turn, promote epithelial proliferation and malignancy.
The tumor exhibited a focal micropapillary pattern of epithelial proliferation characterized by delicate branching filiform papillae.
Since lymphoid tissue is vulnerable to HIV infection, intranodal epithelial proliferation can occur, causing cyst formation.
This protein appears to be a marker for breast epithelial proliferation.
7) Microscopic examination of the medial end of the right fallopian tube demonstrated a worrisome florid pseudopapillary epithelial proliferation characterized by marked stratification and loss of cellular polarity (Figure 1, A).