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On histology, the tumor presented as a superficial, lobulated, plate-like epithelial proliferation with multiple broad connections to the epidermis and well-defined pushing borders into the papillary dermis (Fig.
Inverted papilloma can also enter into the differential diagnosis because it shares with LGSSNMF the surface epithelial proliferation that can be very prominent.
We thought that he made a mistake because remarkable epithelial proliferation was seen in the specimen.
Condyloma acuminatum also known as venereal wart is a relatively common benign epithelial proliferation that most commonly located on the mucous membranes of varying tissues with warm moist squamous epithelial surface.
Cells of epithelial proliferation had pale eosinophilic cytoplasm and rounded monomorphic nucleus.
As to the degrees of epithelial proliferation in IDH, the 41-50 age group had the highest percentages-43%, 47% and 38% in the mild, moderate and severe categories respectively.
It is believed that laryngeal keratosis progresses to carcinoma in situ or invasive carcinoma through the stage of epithelial proliferation and epithelial dysplasia.
This first reported trial of metformin for inhibiting colorectal carcinogenesis in humans provides preliminary evidence that metformin suppresses colonic epithelial proliferation and rectal ACF formation in humans, suggesting its promise for the chemoprevention of colorectal cancer.
Zinc concentrations tend to be higher in tissues with high epithelial proliferation rates, and normally parakeratotic sites such as the nose, as well as keratinised pressure areas, as the footpads, contains zinc largest concentrations (COLOMBINI, 1999).
However, the high concentration of irritant agents dissolved in water inevitably come into contact with the gill filaments through the external surface of the secondary lamella and the arterial circulation, possibly altering the normal morphology of the gills and causing cell proliferation, epithelial proliferation, hypertrophy, infiltration and aneurysm (SEPICI-DINCEL et al.
One study showed that in rats, injection of nickel sulfate (NISO4) induced the epithelial proliferation in the thyroid glands (16).