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The first thing to remember is that you shouldn't give epithets to anyone.
In any case, Smith does not give the reader a proper chance to decide if an epithet is significant or merely conventional.
However, since this article focuses its analysis primarily on a paradigmatic racial epithet directed towards Asian Americans, I will reserve undertaking the more comprehensive task of offering an overarching account for both epithets and slurs for another occasion.
In NINDS, ATLANTIS, ECASS II, ECASS III, and EPITHET, patients in the alteplase group were assigned to receive a total intravenous dose of 0*9 mg/kg bodyweight (90 mg maximum) whereas in ECASS I the total dose was 1*1 mg/kg (100 mg maximum).
Washington, Mar 9 (ANI): A Muslim documentary maker allegedly faced racial attacks and called racial epithets in the United States after he encroached into a house party, which he had not been invited to.
Thus, the epithet impetuous ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; Dutch: onstuimig) was identified as I+V+, meaning that impetuous had in the original Dutch structure a primary loading on Extraversion (I+) and a secondary loading on Intellectual Autonomy (V+), and the epithet loud-sounding ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; Dutch: lawaaierig) was identified as I+II-, a trait with a primary loading on Extraversion and a secondary negative loading on Agreeableness.
Washington is said to have candidly acknowledged the harm he had caused by his repeated use of the epithet ``faggot,'' which he had directed at co-star T.
Architect, thinker, writer, socialist, advisor to princes (Ken Livingstone and John Prescott), religious sceptic--they all fit the epithet, and when you add his Italian roots it seems doubly apt.
We did not see the need for your intemperate language, though, and feel that the "Three-Mile Island toilet" epithet was especially hurtful, given the pride we take in our product.
The suit alleged that one DynCorp executive told WWNS employees they had been hired only because they were black and another DynCorp executive used a racial epithet in referring to a WWNS manager.
This sixth edition, published in 1980, was so different from the previous edition that the title was amended with the epithet "new.
Yet The Inner Circle reads as an encomium next to the bilious assessments of Kinsey's detractors, among whom monster seems to be the favored epithet.