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Este ultimo aparato es digno de mencion, pues permite localizar el comentario del Epitome correspondiente a cada pasaje aristotelico asi como sus paralelos en otros comentarios.
Kim is exactly the right leader for Epitome, as our efforts continue to center on providing our clients seamless service while growing new lines of business.
CRISIL has assigned its 'B-/Stable/P4' ratings to the bank facilities of Epitome Petrochemical Pvt Ltd (EPPL).
Modern scholars will enjoy playing with this epitome of a history that was already a true postmodern text, with an author (Photius) commenting on an author (Philostorgius) who was commenting on himself.
They said: "Corporal Gordon Pritchard was the epitome of a modern, professional soldier.
Soho is the epitome of 24/7 New York City shopping and when the space across from Vuitton opened up, Tous wanted to seize this rare opportunity to nab a highly desirable Soho location.
Born in Potomac, Maryland, he is the epitome of what we are beginning to think of as a thirdstream dancer.
In the film I thought I would introduce the agent to someone who was the epitome of everything he is frightened of: gay, German, tender.
With his substantially revised and emended edition of Antonio de Leon Pinelo's famous bibliography on the writings related to the New World, the Epitome de la biblioteca, Gonzalez de Barcia utilized bis paratext to intercalate political arguments into a catalog intended ostensibly to serve purely intellectual ends.
Upon disembarking in London, I checked into The Dorchester hotel on Park Lane--the epitome of sophistication.
Their agriculture teacher advisors are the epitome of service.
Lintz, DDS, the dentist who initially diagnosed and provided dental care for our son, to be the epitome of the profession.