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Dominating an entire wall of one gallery, it epitomizes the curators' desire to cast Huebler as an artist whose main goal was to create and record idealized, if fleeting, instances of human connection.
At a time when dotcoms are crumbling due to conspicuously low levels of business acumen on the part of their founders, "the `E' in Esystems epitomizes the high level of service we strive to provide--excellent, exceptional, and extraordinary," states Elam.
We'd have to believe that Al Burr epitomizes the classic high school educator.
The continuing controversy over appropriate utilization of high-dose chemotherapy (HCDT)-autologous bone marrow transplantation (ABMT) in the treatment of cancer epitomizes the debate in this country over increasing expenditures for the application of health care technology.
Each aroma captures the essence of a location that epitomizes romance.
To us, she epitomizes success, which is why she was a natural choice for the award.
The queer highlight of the disc epitomizes their effort to straddle both worlds: the butch-lesbian identity narrative "Viz" (short for "visibility"), which couples bolish out dyke Samson's musings about her "pees" and "'stache" with a candy-coated confection of slick processed vocals, synths, and drum beats.
By far the most physically imposing work on display, this structure (all works untitled, 2001) nonetheless epitomizes Gomes's concerns-the most obvious and important of these being the way works of art engage with their surroundings.
This small event epitomizes Taniguchi's uncompromising and relentless attention to detail.
That adventurous spirit, matched by his intellect and talent, epitomizes the company vision of 'Wits and Grits: intelligent music with a drawl'.
Harmont & Blaine's brand epitomizes the lifestyle of the fashion-forward, sophisticated consumers of the Hamptons," said Richard B.