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Species in the genus Dipodomys, nocturnal rodents that scurry through North America's deserts, have epitomized toughness in punishing climates, says Randall Tracy of the University of Connecticut in Storrs.
The practical application of eco-archaelogy is epitomized at El Pilar, the recently discovered and monumental Maya site straddling Belize and Guatemala.
Americans loved the grizzly, for it epitomized our self-perceived courage and strength; it also symbolized the wilderness that we vanquished as we migrated west.
A concluding chapter peers into the post-industrial era, epitomized by the handsome Dyson cleaner factory in Wiltshire, completed in 1999, which the author describes as 'a brave stab at retaining manufacture in Britain, despite which, much of the production now takes place in the Far East'.
This radiant Ukrainian couple epitomized the Vaganova style at its best -- flawless technique as artistry's handmaiden.
In his famous "essay" of almost 150 years ago, Jacob Burckhardt articulated the single most fruitful idea about the Renaissance - that it was epitomized by "the discovery of the individual.
Campo," a show of photo-based work by 26 young artists from 13 countries, epitomized the take-charge spirit of these independent shows.
He epitomized blunt honesty ("I'm A Long Gone Daddy"), carnal desire ("Hey, Good Lookin,'" "Howlin' At The Moon," "Rootie Tootie," "Settin' The Woods On Fire") and rowdiness ("There's A Tear In My Beer," "Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals").
After a winter in which New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner questioned Derek Jeter's late-night activities and, by extension, his commitment, it was cruelly ironic the Yankees would lose their heart and soul for at least a month on a play that epitomized Jeter's hustle and instincts.