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What can impair the practical usefulness of eponymy in science is the sheer proliferation of eponymic expressions.
xxviii, 280; $150 cloth), edited by Julio Segura and Carlos Rodriguez Braun, which provides detailed definitions and explanations for more than three hundred eponymic expressions commonly used in economics--surely more than enough to tax anyone's memory.
What, for instance, are economists' eponymic propensities regarding the technical designations (theorem, hypothesis, law, and so forth) they attach to people's names when coining eponymic expressions?
The word dictum is associated with a special class of eponymic expressions that are not infrequent in economics, and I was disappointed to find that in this book they appear hardly at all.
Although the dictionary is ostensibly devoted to eponymic expressions that denote scientific concepts (as the subtitle implies), in practice the editors interpret their subject more broadly, which explains the inclusion of two items that would otherwise seem out of place: "Cowles Commission" and "Palgrave's dictionaries.
I must confess that I was only marginally successful, and they actually do seem to have listed most of the eponymic expressions used in our profession.
Like its eponymic father, Israel neither deserves nor merits God's love.