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In a minute it came up on the other side of the field at the same equable pace; the glistening brass star in the forehead of the fore horse first catching the eye as it rose into view over the stubble, then the bright arms, and then the whole machine.
And because Philip's appetites were satisfied, he became more equable and easier to live with.
Her voice sounded so astonishingly equable that Cassandra glanced at her.
But if, as Amiel himself challenges us to do, we look below the surface of a very equable and even smoothly accomplished literary manner, we discover, in high degree of development, that perplexity or complexity of soul, the expression [23] of which, so it be with an adequate literary gift, has its legitimate, because inevitable, interest for the modern reader.
He was equable, he was to be relied upon, and withal there was a certain bafflement about him.
On the other hand, he was sweet-tempered and equable, and he did not resent the early shows of crustiness which Michael made.
She had lost her childish vivacity--her sweet, equable flow of good humor.
To one who knows how good you are, how tender, how equable in anger, how loving, you are tenfold greater still.
I didn't care over-weeningly for it for personal gratification; and in my philosophy I completed the circle, finding myself as equable with the lack of a ten-cent piece as I was with the squandering of scores of dollars in calling all men and hangers-on up to the bar to drink with me.
It was not easy to rouse the disciplined and equable temperament of Lord Holchester's eldest son.
The elevatory movement, and the eating-back power of the sea during the periods of rest, have been equable over long lines of coast; for I was astonished to find that the step-like plains stand at nearly corresponding heights at far distant points.
I took particular pleasure in this breaking of ground, for in almost all latitudes men dig into the earth for an equable temperature.