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Temple is equably remarkable in his prescience if one remembers that he was writing nearly a hundred years before
A major contributing factor to the end of the African-American farming way of life was the USDA's failure to equably execute the government's policy on farming, agriculture and food.
Worst of all was the way he failed to spot Mirco Bergamasco's blatant knock-on just after the hour mark, with fellow Irish official Peter Fitzgibbon equably culpable on the touchline.
Other major ports such as Harwich and Newcastle might not be resting too easily if this policy (which is apparently perfectly "fair" when applied to Liverpool) were to be applied equably to all ports.
We accepted this news quite equably, for this was not an unusual event, as any older Cardiffian can testify.
4 mM each dNTP, 2 units of Ex Taq HS, 10 pmol linker B, and an appropriate amount of DNA fragments to enable all 300-1,000-bp fragments to be amplified equably.
Mugabe promised to share power with Morgan Tsvangirai, the Prime Minister, but has made no effort to distribute the top jobs equably.
There's some people who will say that's a good three points or that it makes two home wins and they are right, that's good," he said equably, before continuing.
The "educated" architect, acting as though plagued by the contagion of his very knowledge and unable to deny himself its display, catapulted Sullivan into an almost apoplectic tirade against I'architect malgre lui: "to loosen up the touch of this cramped and fidgety hand, to allow the nerves of him to calm, the brain to cool, to reflect equably, to reason naturally, seems beyond him; he lives, as it were, in a walking nightmare filled with the disjecta membra of architecture.
During that phase Abdel-Kawy humorously greeted one questionable refereeing decision by putting her racket between her teeth, and also dealt equably with an opponent who dived distractingly about the court, once tumbling between Abdel-Kawy's legs.
It can be seen that graphite nanoplatelets are equably dispersed in poly (acrylic acid-g-gelatin) matrix and connect each other to form conducting channels.
Slowly, equably, and without malice, Eilis exacts a bittersweet revenge for the expatriation she never intended--or, rather, one unfolds for her unsought, organically.