equal to the need

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She added that the need to be morally honoured is equal to the need for material gratification.
While some might believe unskilled labor is easier to come by than skilled labor, the need for entry-level jobs is nearly equal to the need for engineers and sales people.
Our first step is to add sales managers in prime areas - experienced, top-notch producers who can build powerful sales teams equal to the need," says Gott.
Second, appropriate the money equal to the need so that the goal can be accomplished in five years rather than twenty years.
Yet current efforts to oppose the disease are simply not equal to the need.
Upon completion, the K2 wind power project will generate clean, renewable energy equal to the needs of approximately 100,000 Ontario homes each year.
THIS was a King George that stripped the senses back to bare metal, but it was salvaged by a man equal to the needs of the hour in John Gosden, triumphant in the race and nothing less than magisterial in its aftermath.
Working alongside employers to develop training programmes for their workers so their skills are relevant and equal to the needs of the industry is necessary but clients need to do their bit to support us.
The turbine, which will stand at 60 metres high - half the height of the Dublin Spire - will produce between 850 and 900 kilowatts of power at full output - equal to the needs of about 700 houses.
Global, inveterate client relationships once thought unshakeable will undergo periodic scrutiny to prove to the client's management that the trusted security provider still possesses capablilities equal to the needs of the moment.
For Kozol, the solution is clear: "Funding and resources should be equal to the needs that children face," he writes.
These projects are yielding energy savings equal to the needs of about 40,000 U.