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The Committee did not equalize the MBA certificate issued by the Open University Malaysia, in collaboration with the Arab Open University in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2015, as the Ministry does not accredit the higher education institutions in Malaysia.
It doesn't work normally - it doesn't allow the pressure to equalize.
In Equalize problems, the expression would be "how much" the small state must increase to equalize the big state ("If Juan earns 3 pesetas, then he has the same as Pedro") or "how much" the big state must decrease to equalize the small state ("If Pedro loses 3 pesetas, then he has the same as Juan").
A proposal to equalize school funding nationally is radical--in the sense that it tackles the root of the problem of national disparities in school funding--but it is the only way to ensure that all students across the country have access to a quality education on a relatively equal basis.
This equalizes the pressure in the tank, preventing the buckling failure.
The inactive spouse's stock is redeemed to equalize the settlement.
Scenario 3: Gross estate value, beginning of gifting program $5,000,000 Lifetime gifts to child (200,000) Lifetime gifts to spouse (200,000) Gross estate value, at taxpayer's death 4,600,000 Marital deduction, to equalize distributions (1,805,442) Taxable estate 2,794,558 Federal estate tax 1,181,916 Available unified credit (192,800) Net Federal estate tax $ 989,116
The new agreement attempts to equalize the profits from now until the patent expires in the year 2002.
One solution is for employers to equalize the tax effects of a funded plan with those of an unfunded plan.
The new formula also eventually would equalize the amount the state pays for credit and non-credit courses.
The partnership agreement provides that depreciation deductions will be allocated 90% to A and 10% to B, and, on the sale of depreciable property, A will first be allocated gain to the extent necessary to equalize A's and B's capital accounts.
In private letter ruling (PLR) 9644053, the Internal Revenue Service said a divorcing couple could use an annuity to equalize the division of their property without selling their principal asset.