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Anandarao seems to be responding to the comments of missionaries about idolatry and the fear of death by suggesting that there are philosophical traditions that do not necessarily employ the image of God and teach people to be equanimous about death.
Based on an exhaustive search of printed sources, this book provides an equanimous evaluation of evidence fraught with polemic and exaggeration.
We cannot wait for the attainment of an enlightenment-like desire-free state of equanimous love; we are talking about doing the best we can in a compromised situation.
Equanimous awareness is open to acknowledge events as they occur instead of being biased by some intimate set of distractions.
It becomes clear, however, that it is Hans who is dependent on the more equanimous Le Petit.
The answer lies in a sixth, unmentioned category: the Equanimous, the Inclusive, call it what you will (want of space prevents the full caricatural elaboration this type deserves).
Not everyone is as equanimous as Oxford historian Timothy Garton Ash.
Ana's internalizing of essentialist notions of sexual difference (the woman occupying the position of impulsive and uncontrolled Other to the reasonable and equanimous male (for example, p.
Second: Immerse yourself in innocent and internally equanimous work - this is the only thing that can help us deal with this nightmare.
The polar night is one-flavored, equanimous, without past or future.
The surgeon didn't cut my penis off," his father said in an equanimous tone, as if describing something that had been done to someone else.