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In the absence of body forces the equation of motion for a one-dimensional, homogeneous, elastic medium is
As in [5,6], we consider a nonlinear and nonlocal elastic medium whose constitutive equation is given by
A 2013 Knovel Engineering Survey found that roughly one-third of engineers rely on equations multiple times per day.
Hundreds of equations with detailed descriptions of variables and their units, formulas, the original sources with links to references and citations, along with worked calculation examples, all in one place,
El-Shahed: Application of Hes homotopy perturbation method to Volterras integro-differential equation, Int.
Wang: A generalized (G'/G)-expansion method for mKDV equation with variable coefficients, Phys.
This correction involves taking the determinants of both sides of Equation (4) to obtain
Let us consider the problem of solving the equation x - 2 = 0.
The Cockroft- Gault equation linked mild renal dysfunction with decreased bone mineral density.
Assume that the solution of equation (3) has the form of (1).
An Introduction To Partial Differential Equations With MATLAB, second edition
Using this notation and taking into account that in the surrounding spacetime of the material particle there is an electric current j, as given by equation (242), the energy-momentum tensor [19-21] of the electromagnetic field is given by the tensor