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Here, the strategy of removing all matching records except one would tend to have more records enter the same window, for comparison by the equational theory, than would otherwise be possible if we allowed all the records with duplicate keys to occupy all available slots in the window.
The Equational Theory of Disjoint Alternatives", personal communication to Prof.
b) the frequency of equational sentences, here defined as nominal sentences without the presence of a verb.
The second apodosis parallels the first in that it uses the exact same formula with the same number of words creating a balanced equational sentence.
William McCune's work in the equational theory of lattices.
Integrated geometric computing * Fully automated graph layout * Combinatorial optimization * Constrained nonlinear optimization * New-generation numerical integration * New classes of special functions * Extended number theory support * Equational theorem proving * Exploratory data analysis * Symbolic statistical computing * High-level string computation * Extended array operations * Symbolic sound support * Dynamic graphical input * Integrated graphics editing and drawing * Real-time 3D graphics * Built-in gamepad and HID support * 3D printing and scanning support * Instant multimedia programming * Streamlined presentation * Automated table layout * Symbolic report generation * Real-time code annotation * Instant high-level debugging * Extensive in-product and web-based documentation