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The possible advantages of using these discs over powdered drug are by placing the disc in a particular area, the effect can be possibly localized and by placing the disc equidistantly a near uniform concentration can be achieved.
13) As long as the additional incumbents locate equidistantly between firms 1 and 2, moving clockwise.
Eyes of PER also equidistantly spaced, separated by slightly less than two diameters (Fig.
10) were calculated for 67 values of r spread over the interval <4, 75> equidistantly in logarithmical scale, and for 15 values of q equidistantly spread in the interval <0, 15> giving a total of 1005 features for each image.
j], either randomly or equidistantly on the unit circle.
Five measurements were equidistantly dispersed along each board edge and were approximately 12 inches apart.
These apertures generate another optical illusion: When you look through one and then the other, standing equidistantly between them, the objects they frame--the Buddha-Shiva figure on one end and a self-portrait on the other--appear flush with the lacquer frames, though they are actually at a significant remove.
All that can be discerned is the start of a downward sloping bar placed precisely equidistantly between the '4' and the '0' and possibly the start of a curve half-way down and to the tight of the bar (Fig.
were plated equidistantly on each of the media and incubated at
Three wheels spaced equidistantly are attached by rods to a central axis on the two front legs of the walker.
Rapid response to any detected leak, each pipeline is ensured by the three land-based automatic block valves, located equidistantly between the western edge of Lavaca Bay and the Green Lake facility.
One sees easily that Pot has a maximum if the events are all bunched together and a minimum if the events are equidistantly spaced.