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Instead, it is moved in short leaps that stretch the spring, after which the protein is allowed to equilibrate to the new situation and the simulation is continued for varied amounts of time to collect information about the force, the extension and the atomic details of the events that take place.
In SMD simulations, using either constant speed or constant force, the system is continually "catching-up" with the moving point and is never able to equilibrate with the new situation, which is continuously changing.
At that point, the oxygen level in the plasma equilibrates with the alveolar PO2.
This was done under the assumption that during the transient interruption of airflow, mouth pressure equilibrates with alveolar pressure.
The flow-interruption method was based on the idea that during the transient interruption of expired airflow, alveolar pressure would equilibrate with mouth pressure (Chowienczyk et al, 1991).
Some economists may further object to the above line of reasoning; they may insist that the fall in the interest rate equilibrates money demand and money supply.
After the blood equilibrates, the cord's pulse ceases and blood flow from mother to newborn stops.
For this reason, researchers have attempted to develop durable catalysts that equilibrate NOx, [N.