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This was done under the assumption that during the transient interruption of airflow, mouth pressure equilibrates with alveolar pressure.
The flow-interruption method was based on the idea that during the transient interruption of expired airflow, alveolar pressure would equilibrate with mouth pressure (Chowienczyk et al, 1991).
The import market equilibrates through movements in the import variable in both periods, with a negative speeds of adjustment that are significant at a minimum of ten percent.
Some economists may further object to the above line of reasoning; they may insist that the fall in the interest rate equilibrates money demand and money supply.
After the blood equilibrates, the cord's pulse ceases and blood flow from mother to newborn stops.
Unlike melatonin, which is an uncharged compound that readily passes through and equilibrates across plasma and tissue membranes, 6-OHMS is a charged metabolite that appears in urine by filtration.