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Garrison (1986) is a contribution to the literature that constitutes an exception to this trend It explicitly acknowledges the fact that both Lachmann and Mises viewed expectations as subjective and proceeds to compare their treatment on the implications of this for the process of equilibration in a market economy Moreover, Garrison correctly notes that the key to the modus vivendi that Mises establishes between this process and subjective expectations lies in his theory of profit and loss and the process of entrepreneurial selection that this entails
After the first visit for occlusal equilibration, all patients in the second visit after 1 week reported of easy jaw movements and fresh feeling in the face and lack of stiffness in the face indicating stress-free facial tissues and no muscle pain.
for 10 min, filtered through Whatman Grade 42 filter paper, and pH, EC and ionic concentration in the equilibration solution were determined.
In order to shorten column equilibration time and mitigate column degradation, each sample is run on the column of interest using the same mobile phase before moving to a new mobile phase of interest.
Their more precise experiment in fact shows that the equilibration of the temperatures for hot electron and cool ions is actually three times slower than previous measurements have shown and more than ten times slower than the mathematical model predicts.
After the equilibration period, an aliquot of the sample was taken for Phosphate determination.
The aim of this study was to observe the kinetics of equilibration of electrolytes in otherwise stable patients following routine HD and to establish an optimal time for blood collection in preparation for surgery in our hospital.
Selected groups of embryo were exposed in a first experiment at 37[degrees]C for 1 min (n = 51; 57 and 53), 3 min (n = 56; 57 and 58) or 10 min (n = 49; 56 and 58) in one of the following equilibration solutions: ES1 (10% PROH + 10% DF), ES2 (10% EG + 10% DF) or ES3 (10% PROH + 10% EG), respectively.