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High percentages of malformation of the acrosomal region were observed in sperm of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, with exposure to concentrations of DMSO higher than 12% and during equilibration that exceeded 15 min (Kurokura et al.
Quality assessments of thawed red abalone sperm after 10 min equilibration with 10% glycerol (GLY) or 10% dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and freezing in a manually controlled chamber (MCC), a programmable freezing chamber (PRC), or a commercial freezing chamber (CFC).
Following equilibration, the samples were centrifuged and filtered as described above.
Considerably less Cr was released from the subsurface soil and the solution Cr concentration did not appreciably vary with equilibration time except for the first 10 h.
In relation to the purity of the "materia prima", all forms of material matter are something less perfect and offering thus less stability, which can therefore be provisional only, ephemereal, and must somehow tend toward the original and thus final equilibration again as soon as it is not upheld any more by the third party forces.
The facts show that the overall law of necessary equilibration of arising disequilibria, the central concept of the matter aspect as proposed here, is indeed fundamental.
However, the concentrations of native Cd desorbed from the soils during 5 desorption equilibrations represented small proportions only of the intercept concentrations (Table 5).
Figure 10 shows the behavior of the elastic force of donor acceptor (Figure 10) distances between strands [beta]1 and [beta]5 during a long equilibration.