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To date, a number of experiments have incorporated this particular form of sorting test to study of equivalence class formation (Amtzen et al.
Equivalence benefits are available in three areas: reinsurance, group solvency calculation and group supervision, said David Sherwood, a senior manager in Deloitte's governance, regulatory and risk practice.
This suggests that equivalence in translation, as in mathematics, refers to the state of having the same value, function, meaning, and so on (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) (2).
While the abstract nature of the stimuli typically employed in studies of equivalence lends itself well to this type of simulation, activation of units clearly lacks any grounding in meaning or relations beyond those stated in input patterns.
We should have thought of this earlier, but it took this "slightly poorer than it should have been" equivalence experiment to drive home the point that a straight-line instrument has a quadratic tilt dependence, whereas a side-by-side instrument has a tilt dependence that is first-order sensitive to the angle of tilt.
A final aim of the present paper is to investigate how well the specification approximates a wide range of equivalence scales in use.
Prover eCheck is a high capacity equivalence checker that enables SoC, ASIC and FPGA developers to verify that design functionality is preserved through complex design transformations.
attained prior to introduction of Equivalence Standard, thereby rendering the degrees earned prior to ES sub-standard.
In order to see how the Minkowski metric apportions energy equivalence, it is only necessary to place a particle with mass m anywhere in the field.
Table below shows the different flow rates of air in different zones of combustion chambers designed at different primary zone equivalence ratios.
To date, the transfer of functions through equivalence relations has been demonstrated with discriminative (e.
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