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Simulation of experimental linear scan voltammograms (LSVs) (or equivalently the cathodic part of cyclic voltammograms) for the second reduction process (along with the first) was done for concentrations range from 1-5mM MV 2+.
In comparison, it takes 15 AA-size alkaline batteries to perform equivalently to six AA-size TLM 1,550-HP batteries, adding 3X the weight and 2.
And, priced from PS17,500, costing less than you'd have to find for an equivalently powered and specified Focus or Astra.
It is also one priced at less than you'd have to find for an equivalently powered and specified Focus or Astra you'll pay from around PS17,500 and get plenty of kit too.
And alongside those two towering figures in modern British history, there is an equivalently giant Welsh figure in Australian political history Billy Hughes, the London-born son of Welsh-speaking parents whose 51-year parliamentary career Down Under saw him serve eight years as Prime Minister, partly during World War I, and shape the modern Australian nation.
He is equivalently saying, "Just will it and I am sure I will be clean again.
Equivalently, the output gap (the gap between actual output and potential output) has remained wide open.
Having hit the international jackpot with "The Woman in Black," the revived Hammer Films label follows up with a title that lacks that haunted-house pic's familiarity of source material, highly accessible premise and equivalently marketable star.
If a New York City resident chooses to purchase an equivalently priced home in Greenwich Connecticut as opposed to in Summit New Jersey, an additional $3.
Transparency is a state in which the cost of information (computing, processing, communicating, searching, coordinating, and monitoring) is approaching zero or, equivalently, in which cheap connectivity is so abundant and easy, it's nearly infinite.
By beamforming technique we can steer the power from a large number of transmit antennas to the targeted direction, which in turn increases the link capacity greatly under a fixed transmission power, or equivalently, remarkably decreases the required transmission power to maintain the desired symbol error rate performance.
If you are relatively new to space weather and the aurora borealis--arguably the most palpable manifestation of solar activity, or equivalently, space weather, here on Earth--and are yearning to experience it first hand, this is the book for you