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The equivocalness in the characterization of both Wildean dandy figures makes these questions impossible to answer definitively.
Equivocalness, altruism/egoism and Death are important concerns in the tale.
A profound equivocalness is part of what it means to be Fair Welcome, which makes him a suitable possessor of and substitute for the likewise indeterminate rosebud.
This equivocalness derives from Melville's perception of his predicament as a writer.
Cunningham argues that the lack of emphasis on accounting practices in business law courses in law school, along with the equivocalness of legal ethics regarding the obligations of corporate lawyers, helps perpetuate a culture of irresponsibility or "pass[ing]-the-buck.
Puerto Ricans' equivocalness, superfluity and mobilization are finally problematized in Insularismo's closing chapter in the figure of the "effeminate.
The moral equivocalness of figures like Kyd's Hieronimo and Shakespeare's Hamlet is epitomised by Francis Bacon's description of the revenge act itself as: 'a kind of wild justice' (9).
Seven years later, in the retrospective work, The Point of View for my Work as an Author, Kierkegaard opens with the central problem of the book, which is, once again, his own stylistic duplexity: "The Equivocalness or Duplexity in the Whole Authorship Whether the Author Is an Aesthetic or a Religious Author" (XIII, 521).