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Which is to suggest that despite Carter's apparent forthrightness elsewhere, this show, if more coy than equivocating, didn't quite give up the ghost.
Abortion is either killing or it isn't; equivocating gets us nowhere.
We are past caring about the lukewarm and namby-pamby equivocating of the DNC.
The email address domain owner can be coerced by equivocating administrators into publishing these authorizations after finding that without this record, their emails are rejected or deleted.
Scott Poulson-Bryant, founding editor of Vibe magazine, brings the collective obsession with Black dicks up for air and poses critical questions even while equivocating on some of the answers.
Still other observers said the bishops were equivocating, that they deliberately omitted the word moratorium, agreeing specifically (and only), "neither to encourage nor to initiate" the blessing of same-sex couples "until General Synod has made a decision on the matter.
Cross community Alliance Party Assembly member Naomi Long claimed the McCartney family had taken a courageous stand against intimidation, and she called on Sinn Fein to stop equivocating on efforts to help the family achieve justice.
Well, the Bush administration has finally admitted - after years of dithering, equivocating and with Fox News sophistries - that there were, in fact, no weapons of mass destruction.
Washington should strongly declare its support for this democratically elected president, and should not be equivocating about this.
15) have written amusing op-ed pieces decrying John Kerry's ``shifty opportunism,'' his equivocating on the issues.
Any patient who comes in with a thunderclap headache and you're equivocating whether to CT or conduct a lumbar puncture, you never hesitate to overinvestigate that patient" because of the early rebleeding risk, he said.