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Economic equivocation is standard fare in economics.
What Trump rejects as equivocation is in fact realism; what he derides as political correctness is in fact humane decency.
But here as elsewhere equivocation, like figurative speech, is also spoken expectantly, hoping that the auditor will recognize it as such and interpret accordingly.
The hybrid of popular revolution and military coup in Egypt almost forces the powers that be to lie in Kantesque, Franciscan equivocation.
But if the imperfect concepts representing their proportional unity are used, equivocation is avoided.
Further delay, equivocation, and another big-bank handout are not.
Commenting on the underwear bomb, TSA Administrator John Pistole noted that "no one knows without equivocation whether that kind of device would get through until we test it.
Last week, the Trib's Ross Ramsey called it "a masterpiece of equivocation and prevarication, leaving a false impression without telling an outright lie.
Rashad Yusuf Janahi, Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Investment House, who led a delegation of ADIH executive departments, confirmed ADIH's keenness to make their presence at global forums in which they can exchange ideas and put forward problems without equivocation.
He shows how equivocal is the Saudi government and how this equivocation has helped to form the Jihadist threats, threats that now include Saudi Arabia itself.
The problem with the "center" is they want equivocation and not clarity when it comes to truths they don't value.
I am sick to death of equivocation over Europe and the single currency.