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Smallpox, the only disease so far to be eradicated, complied admirably with the requirements of an eradicable disease (Table II).
Ageing, like illness and death, reveals the most fundamental conflict of the human condition: the tension between infinite ambitions, dreams, and desires on the one hand, and vulnerable, limited, decaying physical existence on the other--the tragic and eradicable conflict between spirit and body.
Manifested in behaviors ranging from a reluctance to coach a black employee for fear of accidentally doing something that appears racist to excessive accommodation of cultural differences during key negotiations, guerilla bias has done more to distort our leadership decisions than many more diagnosable and, therefore, eradicable strains of the disease.
Date Granted Pencil with Eraser 19,783 3/30/1858 Eradicable carbon paper 3,104,173 9/17/1963 Erasable ink 3,875,105 4/1/1975 Type correction paper 4,055,704 10/25/1977 Pen with Ink Eradicator 4,227,930 10/14/1980 Correction pen D428,411 7/8/2000
decision-making, appears to be an eradicable prelude to the creation of
The hinge of the argument is that those who have low ethnic status (and consequently low occupational position for the most part) find themselves in this position because of an unfortunate but theoretically eradicable cultural heritage.
78] The complaint itself stems from the recognition of the vast social gap between these noble families and Lanyer's own humble origins, so that the complaint functions both to undermine the value of class (by suggesting again that virtue is the only true nobility) and to shore it up (by constructing the distinctions as eradicable only in the next world).
Auden first observed, that the return can never be completed, as evil has entered the garden for good; its presence is perversely eradicable.
The growing interest in eradication as a global health strategy led to the creation of the International Task Force for Disease Eradication, which reviewed [is greater than] 80 potential candidate diseases and concluded in 1993 that six were eradicable (6).
Some of them suffer with cancers that are widely metastatic, while others are blessed with tumors still localized and eradicable with surgery and/or radiation therapy.
For the middle-class student from the provinces whose project of self-creation includes the desire to teach philosophy, these concerns are neither abstract nor trivial nor easily eradicable.