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He, however, resolved that polio virus would be eradicated in Balochistan for ever.
Wht option is left for a nation whn their 'leaders' cant agree that TTP swine who murder polio workers deserve 2 b eradicated once n 4 all?
BEIRUT: Twenty dunums of land planted with opium have been eradicated by the authorities, it was announced Thursday.
Every piece of research data confirms that HCV is "curable," which means simply that HCV can be eradicated.
5 percent effectiveness, for a net of 116,000 hectares of coca eradicated.
This additional time allows the otolaryngologist to detect any re-emergence of pathogens that were not eradicated.
Can polio be eradicated before the growing fatigue of the endemic and donor countries results in termination of support?
Only a few diseases including guinea worm could be eradicated in the near future.
In the study, it eradicated both Clostridium Sporogenes and Bacillus Subtilis with 100% efficacy on both hard and porous surfaces.
The EPI Programme Manager noted that while the polio 1 type virus has almost been eradicated from the Balochistan province, and now efforts are being made to eradicate the 2 type of polio virus from the province.