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Polti is a leading European producer of small, powerful household steam appliances, including steam vacuum systems, steam cleaners, steam generator irons and a commercial-grade steam bedbug eradicator.
And of course, when we talked about oxidation, we talked about ink eradicators.
When he finally stepped forward, I quickly came to full draw, centered the Eradicator sight on his chest and released.
The Eradicator functions like the iron sights on a firearm with a combined rear leaf and front post design.
At the same time, we have increased our in-house development of new series, like Deadlock and Eradicator.
Costa Rica is a leading eradicator of marijuana, seizing or destroying more than 1,390 metric tons in 2013, an increase of nearly 50 percent over the previous year.
Because quick, accurate shots are key to success, I equipped my new bow with an Eradicator sight.
29, 1996--Prepare to battle through more than 28 action-packed levels on your mission to destroy a mechanized fortress in Accolade's newest release for the PC, Eradicator.
During 2011, seven police, one military, and one civilian eradicator were killed during manual operations, compared to 32 in 2010.
During 2010, the GOC reported 32 police, military, and civilian eradicator fatalities during manual operations, compared to 40 in 2009.
They should invest in projects, in schools and after-school projects in those areas where there is depravation and poverty, to divert future criminals into productive and useful members of society and crime eradicators.
To combat manual eradication, coca growers: (1) employ blockade techniques to prevent eradicators from accessing fields; (2) place improvised explosive devices (IEDs) around eradication operations to kill, injure, and demoralize eradicators and slow eradication operations; and (3) plant fields in areas less accessible to eradication efforts, including national parks, indigenous areas, and remote areas.