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Polti is a leading European producer of small, powerful household steam appliances, including steam vacuum systems, steam cleaners, steam generator irons and a commercial-grade steam bedbug eradicator.
The Eradicator functions much like an open sight on a firearm with a combined rear leaf and front post design.
The Boone & Crockett class buck ranks as one of my most memorable trophies to date and without the fast target accusation that the Eradicator provided, I doubt that the outcome would have been successful.
Eradicator is playable with up to eight players via LAN, modem or serial link, and includes a full level editor.
It is, however, perfectly fine to use savages, slaughterers, destroyers and eradicators based on Egypt's standards.
Among other things, they have in the past several years been awarded contracts to feed coca eradicators in Bolivia, provide security for troops in Iraq, educate Marines in motorcycle safety, and, perhaps most ironically, build new portable schools in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.
After this concise and clear context of eradication and its pursuit (eradicationism), the text then focuses specifically on eradication efforts and some key disease eradicators.
It would be a hollow victory, indeed, for beetle eradicators to declare a win, pack up their equipment and dollars, and head elsewhere, only to find that undetected or untreated areas have permitted the pests to survive and thrive in the years ahead.
This "forced" eradication remains controversial, however, and well-organized coca growers unions have blocked roads, harassed police eradicators, and occasionally used violence to protest the policy.
Elsewhere, Craig Alexander Wilson turns back time with face-firming creams and wrinkle eradicators, Vicky Fleming-Brown tells how you should dare to bare in strapless dresses and Frank Pilkington takes a look at the week ahead.
Theories and Hypotheses of Aging with Comments about Age Promoters and Putative Age Eradicators (1-12) HYPOTHESES OF AGING COMMENTS Free Radical Free radicals cause oxidative damage.
Some counterfeiters are treating low-denomination currency, such as $5 bills, with the eradicators and then printing $20 bills or $50 bills on the blank stock.