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The hammerdisk erasable magneto-optical drives from FWB, Inc.
The brightest light on the data storage horizon is the erasable optical drive, which can hold up to 650 megabytes on one disk.
Reflection Systems' RF-7010 multifunctional drive combines the high capacity of optical disk storage systems (up to 1 GB) with a choice of the security of write-once media or the convenience of erasable media.
There are currently three types of optical disc drives for computers: CD-ROM, WORM and erasable.
Such an erasable, optical-disk memory may be available for personal computers within two years, according to several companies that recently demonstrated prototype models.
With a talking ruler that measures out loud, erasable highlighters, a stapler that packs a punch with no staples required and a cutting tool that gives scissors a run for their money, Crayola is totally changing the rules for school tools, while making the supplies kids need most for their school work more fun to use.
Budding artists are invited to add their own embellishments with erasable markers.
Available in volume production today, the PIC16F630 and PIC16F676 devices feature Microchip's PMOS Electrically Erasable Cell (PEEC) process technology, which provides best-in-class erase/write endurance, retention, and disturb reliability for both program and on-chip data EEPROM memory.
com's recallable, erasable, and self-destructing email and video email service has been launched by BigString Corporation (OTCBB: BSGC).
LTO cartridge technology includes cartridge memory in the form of an embedded Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) module that stores cartridge ID, usage history and metadata in a non-volatile memory chip with a non-contact passive radio frequency (RF) interface.
It features a corkboard, erasable board and calendar, with a space for Post-It notes, too.
They are built on Microchip's proprietary PMOS Electrically Erasable Cell (PEEC) architecture, which enables high-density devices to be placed in small packages, while maintaining high endurance (1 million erase/write cycles), industry-leading retention time (200 years) and the ability to operate at high speeds even in harsh environments.