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And then, as the men stood looking first at Tarzan and then at their superior the ape-man did the one thing which was needed to erase the last remnant of animosity which they might have felt for him.
No white man in the Solomons knew what he carried about with him, waking and often sleeping; and it was because of these pictures that he had come to the Solomons in a vain effort to erase them.
And one feature they will erase, and another they will put in, they have made the ways of men, as far as possible, agreeable to the ways of God?
That now, having expiated his sin against the husband, he was bound to renounce her, and never in future to stand between her with her repentance and her husband, he had firmly decided in his heart; but he could not tear out of his heart his regret at the loss of her love, he could not erase from his memory those moments of happiness that he had so little prized at the time, and that haunted him in all their charm.
Neville, that it shall remain the secret it is, and that you will take no other action whatsoever upon it than endeavouring (and that most earnestly) to erase it from your mind.
The Disk Jockey also erases drives quickly and securely using a one-pass or three-pass erase per the National Security Administration (NSA) guidelines.
securErase is a firmware utility that erases all traces of data (except wear leveling statistical data) on each block of non-volatile memory efficiently and effectively.
Wi-Fi Security Suite's user-defined Window Cleanser erases all files used to track browsing habits such as cookies, internet cache, URL history, key strokes and boosts system performance by freeing up hard drive space.
The disk purge product completely erases all data from one or more disk drives.
0 or Firewire (IEEE 1394) as well as mirrors, spans, copies, compares, tests and erases hard drives using either a 1-pass or a 3-pass erase per the National Security Administration (NSA) guidelines.