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ERASURE, contracts, evidence. The obliteration of a writing; it will render it void or not under the same circumstances as an interlineation. (q.v.) Vide 5 Pet. S. C. R. 560; 11 Co. 88; 4 Cruise, Dig. 368; 13 Vin. Ab. 41; Fitzg. 207; 5 Bing. R. 183; 3 C. & P. 65; 2 Wend. R. 555; 11 Conn. R. 531; 5 M. R. 190; 2 L. R. 291 3 L. R. 56; 4 L. R. 270.
     2. Erasures and interlineations are presumed to have been made after the execution of a deed, unless the contrary be proved. 1 Dall. 67; 1 Pet. 169; 4 Bin. 1; 10 Serg. & R. 64, 170, 419; 16 Serg. & R. 44.

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Secure Erasure enables storage administrators to schedule all or selected cartridges for a total data overwrite with a data pattern for clearing or purging low, medium and high sensitivity data to ensure that no data can be retrieved from those tape cartridges.
Blancco, a specialist in data erasure and end-of-lifecycle solutions, today released the Blancco Mobile Edition, software designed to eliminate the risk of inadvertent data leaks by erasing retired smartphones that may contain both sensitive business and personal information.
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