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Balance your body in an erect stable position during execution.
Michael Parrish, at the University of Colorado Museum in Boulder, concludes that the earliest crocodilians and their nearest relatives (collectively known as crocodylomorphs) stood and walked erect.
They hope to obtain a Ministry of Natural Resources work permit to erect a meteorological tower and may put forward a bid proposal by 2006 if they obtain all the necessary approvals and acquire a long-term lease option from the Crown.
The tragic families in the County Kerry town of Killarney have been told that because of poor ground conditions in the cemetery any monument they erect could either tilt or sink.
TVI is the world's largest manufacturer of thermal targets and decoys, and has now become the largest manufacturer of military quick- erect shelters.
Unwin of Reading University in Britain concludes in the May 7 NATURE that, on the ground, they "could manage only a clumsy waddle' and had neither the stance nor mobile gait of fully erect birds.
To erect signage in association with use of car park as a hand carwash and valeting Service.
Limerick County Council's Michael Griffin said: "Permission was given to a local resident to erect a headstone at the burial ground last year.
2bn safety programme to erect giant communication masts next to railway lines.
There is also a case to erect them along the shoreline for the same reasons.
English Heritage refused to erect a memorial at the New Hall Hotel because the building was too far away from the highway for the public to see it.
Under the Haskell Avenue proposal, which emerged separate from the 101-405 project, Caltrans would paint lines like those used to designate car-pool lanes, and erect flexible poles to prevent cars from crossing.