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Komisaruk said that although it is unlikely, another explanation for why the nipples hit the same part of the brain as other erogenous zones could be to do with breast feeding.
The represented erogenous zone intersects with a literal painterly hot spot, playing at showing everything and making us into voyeurs, willing or not.
Bear in mind the principal erogenous zone in the human animal is the brain.
Though for a calloused few feet are to be considerately stored away in Mother Hubbard's basement, women actually ranked their feet the number five erogenous zone in a recent top ten survey(a).
London, Dec 18 (ANI): Italian scientists, who proved that the semi-mythical G-spot does exist, are investigating whether hirsute women are more likely to have the erogenous zone.
Geraldine Marker, from Lambrini, who sponsored the research, said: "Bottoms have evolved in the hot erogenous zone with stars like J-Lo, Kylie and Ricky Martin making beautiful bums an essential part of their image.
66) - In our May issue, PLAYGIRL gives you the low-down on our favorite erogenous zone.
After all, as well as setting clear limits, talking engages the mind, and the mind, Sanday reminds us compellingly, is the ultimate erogenous zone.
Removal of the natural foreskin covering the tip of the penis, the single most erogenous zone on the genitals, greatly decreased sensitivity to this area, reducing sexual pleasure.
According to a Lacanian diagram, the drive sweeps in past the margins of an erogenous zone, and then back out again; the drawing looks, variously, like a nipple, a pacifier, a vagina, a phallus, a mound.