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I don't know where they get pears and bananas like that from but let's just say they were erotically shaped.
In order to get closer to the object of her amorous affections, the student submits to Christian and he introduces her to an erotically charged world of domination, lust and temptation that thank-thankfully didn't get UK censors hot under the collar.
This erotically charged thriller never quite delivers on the promise of tense early exchanges.
Marital malaise with chef husband Lou (Seth Rogen), who is hopelessly absorbed in creating recipes for a chicken cookbook, sparks potential adultery, played out as a series of erotically charged encounters.
The author makes a compelling case for exploring what he calls "Christian animism," a panentheistic framework that is based in a "green reading" of Scripture, an erotically charged appreciation for divinely fashioned bodies (and thus Earth's "body"), and a pragmatic application of eco-justice principles.
In Banaras, flowers are not just beautiful objects but erotically charged beings that travel from the head of gods to rest upon
This final episode includes the Wundur Boner, the world's darkest public information film and an erotically charged primal scream therapy session.
He made sexual demands and forced her to pose erotically for photos, even though she didn't want to and was crying.
As Orren works to save the farm from drought, Aloma struggles with loneliness and tries to find her way in a combative, erotically charged relationship with a grieving, taciturn man.
Written by Layne West (former Mayor of Oregon, Illinois), The Shifting Sands: An Epic Tale of Ancient Erotic Intrigue, Romance and Adventure is an erotically charged fantasy novel about a past world that could have been, when monsters ravaged humanity.
Sutton gave them a tour, pointing out items from his extensive collection, which included a smoking device known as a hookah and an erotically designed pipe made of an ivory-colored material.
Selected mostly from two of Mogutin's solo exhibitions--"Lost Boys" (2003) and "No Love" (2004)--the book's images are charged both erotically and sociologically.