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In this "appearance" too lies another appearance: the succoring function of the guide Virgil, converting Dante's errancy into a metaphysical journey: ("Mentre ch'io rovinava in basso loco," writes Dante, "dinanzi agli occhi mi si fu offerto/ chi per lungo silenzio parea fioco" Inferno 1.
Skemp's suggestion, similar to Plutarch's (see Clegg, "Vision"), that necessity or errancy is an irrational psychic power the source of which is beyond the world-soul (though he denies that this is "a divinity antagonistic to nous"), has an attractive logic to it, because if the errant cause is clearly irrational but equally clearly not attributable to the world-soul and not material, what else could it be but an irrational psychic force beyond the world-soul?
Laudisi ridicules the two traditional metaphysical conceptions of truth; he recognizes a counterintuitive consequence of a metaphysical view of truth: it produces passive nihilism that is blind to the ways that errancy is a constituent element of truth.
Even when going in for more dynamic acoustical assaults, as at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne last summer, Graeve's concerts are less the onslaughts of Masami Akita's Merzbow than the controlled errancy and breakdown produced on "cracked everyday electronics" by the Swiss duo Voice Crack (Norbert Moslang and Andy Guhl).
Under this rubric, my pursuit of the journey image in David Mamet's plays would appear to be, I trust, a productive errancy.
Thus, she embodies the ogbanje's archetypal errancy, itinerancy, and mockery of bounded space and linear time, their fluid "wander[ings] insolently back and forth across temporal distinctions," violating and hence rendering contestable, as it were, the boundaries "between past, present, and future" (McCabe, "Errancy" 60).
This is the Canon Priest speaking who, coming on the Don being brought home in a cage at the end of his second sally, is told about Quixote's book-induced delusion of his being born to revive knight errancy.
The Errancy by Jorie Graham (1997) tackles this tension of feminist certainties and compliance:
For example, ignorance as a cause of errancy became the more self-conscious crime of heresy during the Reformation and Counter-Reformation as secular and religious authorities developed a heightened interest in religious impurities.
In her penetrating vision of the life of Puerto Ricans, Vando thus repudiates the myth of circular migrancy and fabulation of errancy that has gained much currency in postmodern theorization of the Puerto Rican experience as "living in the air" or "nation on the move.
He contends that the discourse of errancy and aberration offers a new understanding of Enlightenment rationality and modernity; Enlightenment Aberrations thus ranges far beyond the domain of epistemology, to explore the construction of political errancy in revolutionary and post-revolutionary culture and trace the contours of "modem error.
43) In Mill's surveillance society, where everyone is watching and being watched, monitoring for errancy and the erratic, consciousness is sufficiently anesthetized to forestall the exceptional act.