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The official said they have already intensified the campaign against erring policemen within their ranks since the scalawag policemen are dragging the name of the police in bad light.
We need a serious and honest-to-goodness crackdown on these erring establishments that are contributing to the water pollution in Boracay,' he said.
We have sealed 15 erring filling stations in the last seven days for hoarding, over-pricing, and diversion of products.
Al Tunaiji said hefty fines along with temporary or permanent closure shall be forced against erring institutions.
The NHRC also asked the officer to provide an action taken report (ATR) within four weeks against the erring police officials, who were, admittedly, present at the site and did nothing to stop the criminal act.
The Indian central bank is to take action against erring cooperative banks for their role in money laundering.
According to Erring, Chief Minister Khandu, his four co-passengers and crew
Otherwise, you'd have to pick that erring brother out in a crowd--even if he was perched in a tree--beg him to come down, and then invite yourself to have dinner at his house.
While he said he is itching to kick out as many erring cops as possible, dela Rosa said they have to bear with the long timeframe in hearing cases of erring cops in the name of due process.
In fact, he stressed, that the purge on erring constables meant that those who remain in service are more focused on enforcing traffic rules than on extorting money from motorists.
Getting tougher on erring food outlets, the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality has nabbed 1,062 outlets in August.
THE Centre on Wednesday acknowledged at the Delhi High Court that there have been instances of sexual harassment against women radio presenters working with FM Gold channel of All India Radio ( AIR) and corrective action has been taken against the erring people.