erroneous statement

See: error
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He said that the Senate was being asked to impeach Corona all because he submitted an allegedly erroneous statement of assets, liabilities and net worth while he was in the Supreme Court (the most 'serious' charge against Sereno is that she did not submit some SALNs long before she became a member of the high court).
It was Mr Johnson's erroneous statement that she was in Iran to train journalists when in fact she was there on holiday that put her at risk of having her potential prison sentence increased.
To the extent this step might affect the election, its effect arises from correcting a previous erroneous statement - in other words, from truthfulness.
Since many of the performance comparisons are based on this erroneous statement, many conclusions are incorrect.
I want to apologize as well to all our listeners for having made an erroneous statement.
We are here to tell you that this is an erroneous statement.
We have explained to the SEC numerous times that Parallax and Tri-Star Advisors are separate entities, yet they continue to make this erroneous statement.
erroneous statement and the best way to handle this is to be honest.
The apparently erroneous statement led to demonstrations and calls for his resignation from Bank of Cyprus staff.
Contrary to this gross erroneous statement supposedly based on members of Parliament's statement, FIDH has actually expressed concern for ongoing grave and systematic human rights violations attributable to state authorities and involving political leadership's responsibility," the rights consortium stated.
Turner made his erroneous statement about the location of Hogan's successor while explaining to commissioners that the Lane County Jail must close more beds because of lower-than-expected revenue from jail beds contracted by the U.
The petitioners contended that their plea was dismissed after the government's law officers made an erroneous statement with regard to Singh's assignment in the United Nations.