erroneous statement

See: error
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It further said that following the erroneous statement made on May 8, the United Nations formally objected to government of Pakistan, from which it immediately received assurances that the statement made by the spokesperson of the ministry of foreign affairs was categorically incorrect and made in error.
The apparently erroneous statement led to demonstrations and calls for his resignation from Bank of Cyprus staff.
Contrary to this gross erroneous statement supposedly based on members of Parliament's statement, FIDH has actually expressed concern for ongoing grave and systematic human rights violations attributable to state authorities and involving political leadership's responsibility," the rights consortium stated.
The petitioners contended that their plea was dismissed after the government's law officers made an erroneous statement with regard to Singh's assignment in the United Nations.
Perhaps you can provide your evidence for this erroneous statement.
Micozzi (Park Street Press, 2009), I made the following erroneous statement when describing the second law of thermodynamics: ".
Another erroneous statement according to Macdonald is that capitalism can self destruct.
Abraham was irked and tried in vain to convince the old man of his erroneous statement.
One erroneous statement issued fervently since England's prospective route to a potential final was confirmed is that you have to beat the best to win the World Cup.
YOU have printed an erroneous statement in Tony Sicluna's Lower Machen Festival review ("Fabulous Festival hits the high notes", June 29).
Add to that erroneous statement, which has liberally been an argument put forward by the prostatutory registration camp, and then include other such fabrications as:
To win a libel action in America, plaintiffs have to demonstrate that an erroneous statement was not made in good faith.