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The subsequent book of essays by Stavans, The Hispanic Condition (HarperCollins, 1995), explores more eruditely and philosophically the dilemma of identity for the Hispanic minority north of the Rio Grande.
4) Marinella's Nobilta very self-consciously enters the lists of this debate: commissioned as a reply to Giuseppe Passi's virulently misogynistic I difetti e mancamenti delle donne (1599), it eruditely recapitulates a century of debate on women and pits itself explicitly against the most prestigious vernacular exponents of traditionalist positions.
Students should participate courteously and eruditely in class discussions, using propaganda analysis to draw attention to bias if such exists.
The Whisperer was enjoying a relaxing Americano at a coffee house opposite a school in Saar, trying to stretch his mind by solving the 'Just so' puzzles on the Eruditely Esquires page of GulfWeekly, when two young boys sped off in the direction of Waitrose.
Eruditely discussing the advancement of race in America in the process, editor Stephen Johnson presents evidence that there is a long way to go.
Even in the face of the Almighty, Father remained as eruditely argumentative as ever.
But this massively-detailed account of Wren's career is written with commendable flowing clarity and eruditely chronicles the gifted circles he moved in and his important partnership with fellow Oxford scientist Robert Hooke.
He's produced, says Appiah even more eruditely, by the all-consuming vision of a creativity less anxious than that of many postcolonial African novels-novels, I might add, not so dissimilar from Kiss of the Spider Woman or Wide Sargasso Sea despite the geographic and historical contrasts on which I've insisted (157).
What demarcates Caputo's work from the usual brand of neo-Nietzschean aestheticism that passes itself off as "Continental ethics," is that it eruditely underscores the political and ethical implications of deconstruction so as to render it practical and effective.
While opinions were predictably divided between farm unions and wildlife groups, many individuals also wrote in, eruditely outlining their views.
He was my favourite author until a university tutor ruined it by claiming he was a beardie weirdie obsessed with his dangly bits, or, as she put it more eruditely, a phallocentric enemy of feminism.
McCarthy recognises Sokolowski's achievement as "the restoration of the moral good to the visible order" and eruditely displays Sokolowski's commitment to form.