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It called on both parties to exercise restraint to ensure that the incidents will not lead to further escalation of violence and urges again to act positively to realize peace.
Thomas Schelling's writing on coercion and competitions in risk-taking remains valuable for analyzing the challenges associated with escalation management.
To answer that question, the Ravens' support will also promote the expansion in Maryland of "Team One Love", a new initiative designed to harness the enthusiasm of students who have participated in Escalation and who have indicated a fierce desire to do something on their campuses and in their communities as a result.
The source stressed that these acts committed by Houthi elements are considered a dangerous escalation and crimes punishable by law disclosing falseness of what they call for in their different media means.
Behavior in escalation situations: Antecedents, prototypes, and solutions.
Because the Ukraine is now a separate state, the armaments that were built up in a two-party escalation have to be undone in a three-party deescalation.
We are in the process of concluding a framework for moving ahead and negotiating many of the outstanding issues between Israel and the Palestinians, something that I would like to do and I hope that this kind of escalation does not hinder it.
Although the escalation provisions in both types of leases accomplish essentially the same purpose, there are certain situations where one may be preferred over the other.
The escalation of the bitter pay dispute is timed to coincide with Ireland's hosting of a Tour de France stage next month.
Hence the edge of hostility that overlays so many examples of corporate-mandated civility, as in competitive thanking and the escalation of sign-off directives.
The idea of responsive regulation is that it is better to be at the base of the pyramid where democratic conversation does the regulatory work, but that if escalation is necessary the decision to escalate should always be open to revision, so de-escalation occurs.
Choosing War: The Lost Chance for Peace and the Escalation of War in Vietnam.