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After a meeting later Wednesday, the UCC said it would take all legitimate escalatory measures, including open-ended strikes, protests and demonstrations, until its demands were met.
Nevertheless, the region and Lebanon appear to be heading toward peaceful solutions, the report said, despite the escalatory rhetoric of some parties.
It is an escalatory subversive policy that puts Lebanon in danger," Musawi told a memorial ceremony in the southern village of Sowana.
Israel has declared fresh plans for building 1,300 residential units in East Jerusalem, despite robust Palestinian opposition to the new escalatory move.
LU Contractual Professors Committee member, Jean Touma, underlined the need for the endorsement of their full-timers' consecration dossier, warning of further escalatory steps in case this dossier is not endorsed.
The group has threatened escalatory measures if a new Cabinet is not formed to deal with pressing concerns, noting that the absence of a Cabinet could further hurt the already troubled Lebanese economy.
to confront the new Israeli escalatory moves against the Palestinians.
The MP raised the issue of the contract workers who have recently adopted escalatory measures in protest against the non-approval of the salary scale.
Summary: Air traffic controllers at the Rafik Hariri International Airport announced over the weekend a 2-hour strike Thursday, vowing to take escalatory measures if Parliament fails to include them in plans to raise public sector wages.
Instantly, Ara Kahmazian met with Greek Catholic Metropolitan of Blbeck, Bishop Elias Rahhal, who stressed that in case the abducted did not return to his house further escalatory steps would be adopted.
Nehme Mahfoud, Mahmoud Haidar and Hanna Gharib -- the heads of the public teachers, private teachers and civil servants associations respectively -- vowed to take escalatory steps if the salary scale was not forwarded to Parliament.
for the administration to take the necessary measures to stop such a decision; otherwise, they shall adopt further escalatory steps, including an open sit-in.