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Information in Weekend Escapades is provided by popular travel guide book series Insight Guides.
They opened with Rise Up, from the recently released Escapades, showing that their reggae roots are still crucial to their sound.
Leeds-based five-piece Ellen and the Escapades will headline the town's famous Picturedrome venue to kick-off a weekend of folk frivolity.
If he starts one of his manic escapades in the evening, there isn't any peace in our house.
Replying to another question, he refuted the news of any escapades by terrorists, since eyewitness account for a total of five terrorists, all pf whom were killed.
Long's book lives up to the title, with a series of unsavoury tales of his various escapades, invariably alcohol-fuelled, and tells all about his sudden departure from the 2006 Tri Nations tour Down Under.
The inside view of a woman in a traditionally male-dominated profession, Firefighterette Gillette tells of suffering burns, sexual escapades with male firefighters at different firehouses, accidentally crashing an aerial truck into an engine, and more escapades.
They print an underground literary magazine, smash a bully's bootlegging operation, and escape from a girls' school in the night in a blimp Roger constructs, among other escapades.
Performers from the Big Fun Club have been dressing up as the two characters to entertain families over the last two weeks and their last visit, called Dramatic Escapades, is on Saturday from 11am.
Better is Christian Byers, who plays Kellyanne's older brother, a boy whose initial embarrassment over his sister's escapades turns into familial loyalty and a realization that, yes, sometimes you have to believe in things unseen.
Deftly carrying young viewers through a fun reinforcement of a positive attitudes geared to their age developmental level, Time Out Tot features Tot the Squirrel and his adventurous escapades which address such behavioral issues as whining, tantrums, grabbing, biting, cut-ting in line, and pushing.
ALRIGHT, so this may not be the funkiest-looking car around, but it could just prove to be the perfect partner for those little motoring escapades.