escape valve

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Christmas then, for people who are worn down by the stress and strain of earning a living, paying a mortgage, raising children and maintaining a relationship is the ultimate annual escape valve.
As an escape valve for economic discontent, Fox has asked the United States to open its border so to allow young Mexican workers to travel north to find jobs.
The latter at least offered an escape valve through transcendence; today the mighty deeds of God through the Franks (gesta dei per francos) have become Operation Desert Storm: in one word, globalization.
As long as this escape valve exists for a million privileged men, most of President Nixon's reforms to democratize the draft are meaningless.
He's retired and not meddling with the company, but if the two guys really had a difference, they could go to Bill - that's a valuable escape valve.
From the logic of Central American poverty, migration has increasingly become an escape valve," de Villa said.
The public in the United States is well aware that if there were a national health care law, no easy escape valve would be available to permit Americans to avoid its potential, dire personal consequences.
B]y offering the right to die with dignity, an escape valve to the current fiscal over-commitment and concomitant human suffering is created.
In other words, section 6621(c)(2)(B)(ii) should be construed as providing an escape valve from the hot interest provision where the taxpayer pays the amount shown on the notice within 30 days.
At first the steam escape valve and eventually a special long nozzle connected to a valve in the steam dome of the early espresso machines were employed to obtain steam for the milk.
We've got the independent appeals panel being set up and I'm sure that will prove to be a good escape valve for the tensions that build up within the sport.
Fox, on the other side, was an escape valve as well and on several occasions his delivery into the box was better than decent.