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However, despite his avowed eschewal of assumptions about rights and morals, Lester's arguments seem to be guided by familiar libertarian assumptions about morality and private property, which he is unable to truly set aside.
9) Claude Lanzmann's eschewal of archival footage in his 9 1/2 hour documentary Shoa (1985) is perhaps the most tangible manifestation of this injunction against representing the Holocaust in a cinematic context.
Given that his notes about a suicide were penned by a suicide during his final days, this is not, perhaps, surprising, but Akutagawa, with his laconic prose and his eschewal of emotional slop, reminds us that even notes written in profound pain, pain that will not ultimately be vanquished, need not degenerate into maudlin and "redemptive" pain-porn.
This conclusion, with its eschewal of classic noir's "soothing certainty" that "whatever the problem, it is going to be unraveled, the obscure made clear, the issue settled, the crime avenged, the guilty person punished," is perhaps the most extreme and startling of the novel's subversions of generic--and by extension, readerly--expectations (Madden 1968, xxxiii).
This explanation draws upon the human development approach's combination of theory with pragmatism as well as its eschewal of blinkered vision in favor of taking a holistic view of an issue.
This eschewal of editing has been especially important to Depardon; in the anthology Depardon/Cinema he recalled how as a young photographer, his boss Claude Otzenburger had shown him films by American cinema verite filmmakers like D.
Eliot within religious, political, and historical frameworks, Beckett's own eschewal of grand conceptual systems as instruments of exegetical value is particularly intriguing.
The slow and deliberate style is underscored by McElwee's eschewal of a clear story arc, musical cues to signal emotions, and more than a minimum of historical context.
The narrator then considers that years ago, someone might have seen him and been mistakenly jealous of his eschewal of religious belief.
This framework included eschewal of the Poor Laws of Britain and discouragement of paupery, and was subject to the growing influence of Christian faith-based charity missions based on an evangelical Protestant ethos.
But, as the foregoing review has shown, the Supreme Court's eschewal of standards and principles to guide the due process analysis of the voluntariness of a confession left the lower courts with too little guidance and too free a hand, and the lower courts were able to apply or distinguish the decisions in order to reach whatever result the lower court might wish.
There is, too, the unrelenting Reinhardtean eschewal of mortgaged symbolic meaning, as in a 1956 letter to Merton: 'I see only abstract forms, concrete, but not as specific and particularised as your images and symbols, the vertical and the horizontal, the Greek cross .