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Feisty and independent as a candidate's wife, she eschewed cookie-baking and Tammy Wynette.
My impression was that in the '50s the term 'contemporary' was used as an obvious way of describing an architectural approach that eschewed historic styles.
To create the world of Howard Hughes in 1920s, '30s and '40s Los Angeles, Martin Scorsese often had to rely on filmmaking tools that, unlike contemporaries such as Steven Spielberg, he has eschewed in the past: computer generated images and extensive model work.
Overall, those who frequently ate fish were only half as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer--and only one-third as likely to die of it--as were men who habitually eschewed fish.
With his early-'90s flag series the artist began to move into a more symbolic mode, as he eschewed the found object and began to develop large, fabricated installation pieces with metaphorical references.
Blondell Cummings's 100% Cotton Natural Fiber tapped a poetic strain in Philadanco's dancing that eschewed technical wizardry for the power of hauntingly beautiful and meaningful motion.
So while Hahn carries on like the town crank, crying to anyone who will listen about a ``disaster of biblical proportions,'' Villaraigosa has eschewed scare tactics and advocated a constructive dialogue on making L.
However, the incidence of severe plaque among women drinking four or more cups of tea daily was only one-quarter as high as in women who eschewed the brew.
Thus to convey the sense of something both timeless and newly discovered, Laib, in this installation as in many of his earlier works, eschewed making reference to a particular religion or sacred rite in favor of creating an atmosphere of seductive, polymorphous spirituality.
Offering stocks in a more honest market called a Dutch auction wouldn't cause its price to skyrocket, so investors eschewed such candor.
Dream Singers, Story Tellers: An African-American Presence" eschewed inherited hard-and-fast categories in favor of seven somewhat vaguer headings, such as "The Suggested Image" and "The Constructed Image.