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If conducive and meaningful results for peace and harmony can be garnered by eschewing any further war, this would be splendid for all, since peace is best for all and sundry", he reasoned.
Eschewing contrived set happenstanc romantic dra one ventures manner of u places.
With many athletes eschewing drink and partying during the London Games, and others not having time to enjoy themselves outside of their events, some have resorted to more extreme reminders of their time in London.
Eschewing winks to insiders, her work just gets down to unfinished business.
Two key concepts that reverse previous practice were to have all consultants on board from the earliest part of design, eschewing the decade-old practice of having the architect creating the building first.
The Rhinebeck Beagle has exhibited a rare form of exhilarating journalism eschewing the truth in favor of .
Eschewing ideological claims and emphasizing wide research in both primary and secondary sources, Wright has provided an account that should stimulate further research into the history of dependent groups.
The girl's excuse for eschewing standard English: Texting was "easier.
Moreover, by eschewing any discussion of the Catholic liturgy and its architectural implications, Britton fails to appreciate that Perret's layout for St Joseph's, Le Havre (1951-54) anticipated the requirements of Vatican II by a whole decade.
But Donald Laurie, chairman of management consulting firm Oyster International, has more than a few pearls of wisdom to share about how leading companies have prospered by eschewing cautious, organic growth.
Business Man preened, adjusted his ties, and bared his teeth for dutiful self-inspection (perhaps eschewing introspection), while primal man assumed the same attire.
Eschewing dialogue, Farr prefers to allow image and sound to collide and suggest possibilities of response.