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The incipient self-destruction of radical historicism should motivate us to embrace the "pedagogical" esotericism of ancient philosophers, who avoided "the city" and concealed the truth in order to train their students to think deeply and to understand questions from the inside.
As Ernst Mayr and many other scholars have insisted, evolutionary theory not only made esotericism completely anachronistic--though Cudenec still wants to resurrect it--but it also completely undermined the mechanistic philosophy and positivism of the seventeenth century.
In sum, Davies examines three issues that have been loci for discussions of Maimonides' esotericism, and he argues that the Guide can be understood consistently in each.
Neither was he, again unlike the Pop artists, reacting against the individualism and esotericism of Abstract Expressionism.
A Cultural History of Tarot from Entertainment to Esotericism.
Between a serious quantity of esotericism and a sexual obsession which can be assumed and, at the same time, an unquestionably enormous talent as art craftsman, Wayne Fischer's work is more a personal view than a freightening or unnerving image.
Similarly, in the esotericism of late antiquity silence is linked to the decline of the word and the senses as they give way to a sort of immediate awareness of truth.
Anderson; The Magician's Book: A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia, by Laura Miller; Projecting Tolkien's Musical Worlds: A Study of Musical Affect in Howard Shore's Soundtrack to Lord of the Rings, by Matthew Young; Esotericism, Art, and Imagination, edited by Arthur Versluis et al.
However, the way in which the Jewish esotericism of late Antiquity traveled from the Eastern to the Western Europe of the Middle Ages (especially in Italy, Germany, Spain, and Provence) is another historical conundrum (p.
These artists found their inspiration among others in esotericism (theosophy, anthroposophy, Ouspensky, organica and the Cabbala), whilst their works were hailed as prophetic, foreshadowing a new world.
The labyrinthine complexity of Pomerand's code and his reliance on an essentially private esotericism shift the focus from the signified to the process of signification.