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The lady in black, the boy's mamma, laughed and blushed, and looked exceedingly pleased and shy as the dinner went on, and at the various feats and instances of espieglerie on the part of her son.
C'est une espieglerie des enfants le jour de Cham El-Nessim.
Cette << espieglerie >>, qui, aux yeux de biens des pretendants passerait pour une conquetterie et une invitation a conquerir la femme aimee, finit par << irriter >> Amaury, qui, de toute evidence, ignore l'humour, cette arme redoutable contre toute forme de melancolie.
38, occupy nearly two hundred pages in Dover's Alkan collection, capped by the diabolic Le festin d'Esope, the twelfth of the set, a work of elfin espieglerie that Sorabji wryly compared to Beethoven's "Diabelli" Variations.