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Much policy espousal is conveyed by offering fables about prisoners' dilemmas.
The enthusiastic espousal of multi-drugs doesn't seem like such a turn on.
BBC football pundit Alan Hansen may not be everyone's cup of tea, but his frequent espousal of what professional sport is all about: "first is first and second is nowhere," drummed into him during his days at Anfield, offers viewers an insight into the serial winners' mindset.
Remarkably, he criticised former Prime Minister SaaACAyad Hariri, inferring that March 14 backed Geagea reluctantly, and that whatever support existed was similar to a putative espousal of Aoun, both of whom Hariri apparently rejected because he wanted a "weak leader.
I was surprised when a fellow lifelong Tory told me the other day that he will be voting Ukip in the European elections specifically as a protest against the Conservatives' espousal of gay marriage.
She also used the occasion to indirectly attack BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and his espousal of the Gujarat model of development.
It is highly recommended that Miss Tasneem's The Weight of Silence should be shown with English subtitles at any local documentary film festival to encourage the young director produce similar films about pressing social issues such as child labour, child abuse, domestic violence and espousal abuse, which are on the increase in a post-Revolution Egypt.
Supporters of the culture minister erected a stage and used microphones to profess their espousal and accuse those protesting the minister of corruption and being affiliated with the old regime.
She is not one to fetishise woodfiring and her sense of humour is too lively for any espousal of a grand aesthetic mission.
Here in Ireland her espousal of old draconian militaristic policies prolonged the war and caused great suffering.
He lamented that the challenge however is implementing the above laws at the grass root level adding that the bureaucratic delays in the espousal of various children related bills need to be addressed to improve the status of child rights and child protection.
Tosh, bunkum and codswallop" - Labour MP Chris Bryant dismisses the argument of some Tories that their failure in the local government elections was the Government's espousal of same-sex marriages and House of Lords reform.